Your Name in Blood - Lyrics

(Music: McLaughlin, Harnish / Lyrics: Harnish, McLaughlin)
Time after time.
Captured in lies.
Spit right in my face.
But now I’m seeing straight.

Your name in blood…

Hide in your disguise.
I’m wounded but alive.
It’s time to cut you loose.
But all I want is a piece of you.

Goodbye my love.
You’ve made your choice.
Now this knife will be my voice.

Your name in blood…

The wisdom of my youth.
Turns the lies to truths.
Set you on your way.
Send my gift with hate.

Coursing through my veins.
I’m not like the others.
All I see is red.
Etched upon your face.
Crimson eyes won’t hypnotize me.
When I see your name in blood.