Raize Lazarus (You Know Who's the Thief) - Lyrics

Music: I Decline, Lyrics: Harnish

High up on temple mound
armed with many prayers
I had a dreadful thought
that you were no longer there

So I go
(go go)
Go now
I'm drinking fear
and my fear is running out
(yeah, don't run out)

Came down from sermon mound
Eyes a streaming read
I called upon a friend
and this is what I said

Hold On
(hold on)
Don't let go
He'll do his best
but you know who's got the pull

I'll not accept
Won't try to believe
You know who's the thief

I did my best
But Someone wouldn't see
Watch the slaves
Bow before the thief
Raize Lazarus
Yeah, Christ can watch me fry
It kills my will to fight to fucking try

Blessed are the few
They never get relief
So God-damn abused
Will someone let
Will someone let me sleep

Jumped off the highest mound
Fell down on my knees
I found the awful truth
that someone had pushed me

So I go
(Go Go)
Go down
I did my best
But you know who's in control

God damn thief
On my knees

Here's your moment
When you fell through that hole
You lost the future
And you'll never grow old
You say goodbye
To no one
And kill all my friends
So slowly
Just remember
I say goodbye to no one