Jericho - Lyrics

(Music: Harnish, Doyle / Lyrics: Harnish, Doyle)

Don't be afraid now, I'm leaving
Cast my soul to hell
Walk on down to Jericho
And we'll knock down the walls ourselves
You have a fear of the devil
But I have the answers to all
Hand in hand we help each other stand
Singin' 'til judgement day

Let me go.
Carry me home
Let me go.

I know the time's ain't been easy
I'm only a man, I get lost
Find my bones and dust them off
Finally, you've brought me home

A Slave no more to the kingdom
His soul is worn let it rest
Trumpet blasts couldn't bring it back
The city of cities is found

Let me go.
Carry me home
Let me go.