Photo courtesy of Vanessa Bly

I Decline is:

Mike "Pez" Pesavento - Guitar, Smokes (pictured left)

David Kohut - Bass, Vocals (pictured Left)

John "Dole" Doyle - Drums, Vocals, production (pictured center)

Dan Dominiak - Lead Guitars (pictured right)

Dustin Decline - Vocals, Percussion (pictured far right)

Middle Fingers & Horns Raised

The words "I Decline" represent a middle finger to the mediocrity in the world of modern hard rock and metal music. Fusing this creed with the attitude of Punk, riff-laden hooks of Classic and Stoner Rock, and the fury of Heavy Metal, I Decline crafts its own hybrid of hard-edged music that they define as the "New Wave of American Punk Metal" (NWOAPM). These five Chicago natives have received critical acclaim a rising contemporary:

  • "I Decline take the stage and commence a gradual and steady climb into a vortex of energy I've never seen before, reinforcing my hope for today's music."
    - Michigan

  • "It took me no more than two guitar chords for me to fall in love with the guitar sound of I Decline."
    - Chicago

In 2010, the band embarked on the production for the album "Time To Shine" with drummer, John Doyle. Honing his craft at Groovemaster Studio with a four-year apprenticeship, Doyle engineered alongside Grammy Nominated producer Johnny K, having worked on platinum-selling artist, Disturbed's "Ten Thousand Fists," as well as with artists such as Sum 41, Drowning Pool, Avenged Sevenfold, 3 Doors Down, Simple Plan, and Plain White Ts.

  • "Chicago's I Decline came across may desk and instantly left a very lasting impression on this metalhead... sort of like a twelve gage shot through paper...As you enter the album, you find power, passion, heaviness and an all important tongue in cheek attitude that all adds up to having an album that both serious Metalheads and ravenous Punkers will find irresistible and unable to live without...and that just fuckin' works...8 out of 10"

  • "It's , and not to put too light of a spin on it, fucking MASSIVE. Guitars roar around, drums thump you in gut and bass tickles your nether regions, and , to be quite frank, it puts a fair majority of certain mainstream metal/rock releases out this year to shame in this respect.This , my friends, is what Phil Spector was going for when he forged his legendary 'wall of sound'."
    - Stephen O'Connor ,

  • "Time to Shine is a lot more mainstream/radio-friendly (even though it easily kicks the shit out of today's typical radio fare, and certainly craps all over the Top 40) than most of what comes my way through HAILS... it's still a prideful effort that's sure to eventually win I DECLINE quite a bit of acclaim, and frankly I'm surprised that so far it hasn't drawn in more of a response; the production is just fantastic, and even the less riveting moments are nowhere near horrible."
    - Leja Siv, HAILS WEBZINE

  • "One of 2011 best album's is upon us and I recommend everyone check this out. This is truly a hard-rocking stoner-riff loving head-banging masterpiece that will destroy everything in it's path."
    - Steve Howe,

  • "This CD sounds huge. The guitars are massive, drums are thunderous, and the bass sits nice and low in the mix constantly vibrating your innards…I can't find one bad song on the entire album…The mix of thick, sludgy riffing with commercial, catchy hooks is a irresistible combination and unless your brain is fried from years of listening to extreme doom, thrash, or whatever, you can't help but head-bang to this…The mutual action and reaction between the band members is stunning, not overly complex or anything but is dripping in finesse, much in the same way Lizzy was at their peak… 8/10"

  • "A stunning addition to modern metal."
    - Todd K Smith, Editor THE CUTTING EDGE

  • "There is plenty to love on the album, 'A New Nation' and 'Grand Ruin' are the two tracks that really grab your attention, the former has an irresistible groove and boasting the kind of cross over pop/rock sound that radio should be lapping up. 'Grand Ruin' is reminiscent of Testament and is a huge slab of stoner rock"
    - Jules,

  • "There're some cleaver sharp songs and hooks here, and despite all of the modern cadences, they still know how to write more than a handful of great songs, and let the gritty riffs, melodies, harmonious vocals of Dustin Harnish and blazing twin guitar antics punch through. The immaculate artwork/packaging (featuring illustrations by the prolific Tom Denney) is also well-worth a look and a total throwback to all of the old school metal artwork. Time To Shine is a good album with enough to come back to, making it of interest to fans of bands like Priestess, Red Fang, Bible of the Devil, later Down, and Early Man (though their sound is different than pretty much all of these bands, overall). "
    - Jay Snyder

  • "Imagine a clash between thrash metal and stoner rock and you get a picture of where you find I Decline musically. On paper a mix like that might seem pretty strange but in reality it works like a charm. And so much better than anybody ever could imagine. There's a groove to 'Time To Shine' that puts it heads and shoulders above must other metal releases today."

    - Anders BATTLE HELM

  • "The Song A New Nation is one of those songs that should be played on every radio in the country...Three words …find and buy."
    - Dan Roque,

Mixed by Tadpole of Groovemaster Studio (Disturbed, Mushroomhead, Dope), who is currently climbing the Billboard Rock chart at # 15 with his work on Adelita's Way single "Sick.", Horns Raised Records is proud to present I Decline's third full-length "Time To Shine". Featuring artwork by Tom Denney
(Cannibal Corpse, Soilent Green, Kylesa), and touching upon mortality, desolation, and broken relationships, Time To Shine is a metaphor to the aftermath of 9/11 and the personal struggles we face as humans in this chaotic world. A bombastic onslaught of fist in the air anthems for a blue-collar society, I Decline search for new hope with Time To Shine.

During their twelve-year history, I Decline has provided support alongside Nick Oliveri (Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, Mondo Generator), Joe Preston's "Thrones" (Melvins, High On Fire, Sunn O))), Earth), Toxic Holocaust (Relapse), Holy Grail (Prosthetic), and Krum Bums (Century Media).

The band's first full-length compact disc "Soundtrack for the Rest of Your Life" was self-produced and released in 2000 on the band's own Black Rabbit Records. Several tracks would appear in the soundtrack and film "The 5th Symphony Document," winning the prestigious Surfer Magazine Movie of the Year award in 2001. In 2002, the band released their sophomore release "Ides of Riffdom" through CD Baby and secured distribution with MeteorCity's All That's Heavy. This second release garnered numerous accolades within the Stoner Rock community:

  • "The depth of this album and overall production goes above and beyond the call of duty. Banging your head in sync right out of the gate, its psychedelic space drenched fuzzed out blues guitar rock done right with vocals Paul Stanley would be proud of and showing that its not just typical stoner rock for the masses."
    - Stoner

  • "I Decline are Chicago super rockers who just might be the first band to successfully channel the glorious, delirious warmth of Thin Lizzy's dual guitar attack and gentleman rogue charm and drop it, friendly fire style, right into the sprawling desert of acid freak dope metal."

Recently supporting Relapse artist Toxic Holocaust and Prosthetic Records artist Holy Grail in Chicago for a MetalSucks / Metal Injection sponsored show, I Decline released Time To Shine to a sell-out crowd on July 30th, 2011 at Reggie's for an after-party show with the reunited classic "Animosity" lineup of Corrosion of Conformity. I Decline premiered material from Time To Shine as supporting act for world-renowned violinist Rachel Barton's Earthen Grave, featuring Trouble's Ron Holzner, together at Chicago's Metro in 2010. In the fall of 2011, the band supported Metal Blade Recording artists, Gypsyhawk throughout their Midwest tour at select dates. I DECLINE will be performing at the premier movie screening of THE FORCE WITHIN US, the latest documentary by filmaker CRIS MACHT that centers on Star Wars as a catalyst for spiritual rebirth… finding personal meaning in life… and inspiring positive change. Several I DECLINE songs are featured in the movie, including the newly penned and recorded THE FORCE WITHIN US.